When approached by Good City Brewing, the class was tasked with developing ideas to promote the company's "Spare Time" beer. Given broad guidelines, each group followed its own theme, resulting in three completely different concepts for the company to choose from to use for marketing material.
The group I was a part of, including myself, Isabel Islas, and Hannah Jacobs, decided to pursue social media promotions. We produced a revised can design, a social media guide book, a layout for a bag toss tournament, and a mural to boost customer engagement.
Can Redesign #1
We wanted to clean up the original can design (left) and add more elements relating to "spare time" activities people do in Milwaukee. The design on the right is what we came up with for the first round of review. Given the small size of beer cans, Good City suggested toning down the amount of new elements, but using them elsewhere. From here, I followed through with a design for a mural in which some of the removed can elements could thrive.
Mural Design and Mockups
The Spare Time mural was to be painted in an area with a lot of foot traffic, with the goal being for people to stop and take photos to post on social media in front of it. This would result in boosted brand interaction.
The mural encompasses some of the abundant activities Milwaukee has to offer, including kayaking, basketball, baseball, biking, the beach, and the Milwaukee Art Museum.
T-shirts and Stickers
From the mural, I was able to pull some elements to use on new Spare Time merchandise, including unique t-shirts and a pack of Good City Spare Time stickers.
Can Redesign #2 | Final
The final can design we submitted reduced the amount of added components and the amount of colors used. We felt as though this design added more visual appeal while also not being too "in your face." 

Working with Good City Brewing provided real client experience, even during the Coronavirus pandemic. Working in a team environment, participating in brainstorming sessions, and making revisions, all over a short time span, put pressure on every group, but the end results came out strong and everyone was proud of their accomplishments. 

Our final presentation is linked below.

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