Spooky Lake Month 2023
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Work: Three apparel designs, 6 sticker designs, 1 painting to be turned into prints, social posts
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Spooky Lake Month 2022
For Geo Rutherford, the mastermind and Great Lakes enthusiast behind the TikTok account @geodesaurus, October has become a staple month for her educational content. Geo posts a new video each day of the month, talking about a new considerably spooky lake or other related topic. With Spooky Lake Month drawing in the most views throughout the year, Geo wanted to celebrate the occasion by doing a merch drop entirely focused on her Spooky Lake content and the viewers who watch it. The drop featured apparel printed by Underground Printing, stickers, and art prints of some of Geo's paintings.
Padfoot's Pier - Kj&Co. Production Collaboration
The second apparel design for Spooky Lake Month was a shirt inspired by Geo's dog, Padfoot. Padfoot's Pier is a fictional boat tour company that does tours at the lakes Geo has deemed to be truly spooky. Designed in the style of an advertisement, anyone who wished to sign up for a boat tour at Padfoot's Pier would be met with a 10/10 spooky experience.
I launched these tie-dye shirts as a limited edition preorder on my company's website. Geo posted about this launch a few minutes after. All 100 shirts were sold out in less than 90 minutes. I then tie-dyed, heat-pressed, packed, and shipped all of the orders out. The design went over so well that Underground Printing also screenprinted it on plain navy shirts to maintain the limited edition aspect of the tie-dye shirts, but also help fulfill the demand for the Padfoot design.
Spooky Lake Month Apparel
The primary apparel design for this campaign features an environment filled with ties to some of Geo's Spooky Lakes topics. The toxic barrel, fish skeletons, and shipwreck all together form a sort of underwater graveyard that only ghosts can be found lounging around in. At least they are friendly enough to greet visitors with an "Um Yes, Hello." Underground Printing screenprinted this design on a variety of different products.
Spooky Lake Sticker Pack
Spooky Lakes Stickers
With Geo being a very talented artist, she had created several gauche paintings that she wished to turn into stickers for Spooky Lake Month. I incorporated "Spooky Lakes" into each painting, and then they were converted into die-cut stickers to offer to her supporters. The "10/10 Spookies" and "Spooky Lakes" stickers were hand illustrated by myself to include in the collection.
'Um Yes, Hello' 2021
When I was put into contact with Geo, I knew right away that this would be a fun project. Geo was looking to create some apparel and merchandise to connect with and appeal to her followers. Nearly every video she posts starts off with the now-iconic line of "Um Yes, Hello." At the time we started the design process in early 2021, she had around 600 thousand followers. Today, she has grown to 1.5 million followers and has over 55 million likes on her videos.
Initial Sketches
After some creative direction from the client, along with researching who the majority of her target audience is, I created some designs that focused on the tagline, the typography, and the Great Lakes.

Final Designs
I ended up pairing timeless typefaces (Futura, Georgia..) with more detailed designs for the main artwork. This allowed the type to be present and noticed without taking too much away from the rest of the design. 
Design #1 | Great Lakes Map: Filled with noteworthy landmarks that Geo has created content about
Design #2 | Great Lakes Shipwreck: Features a play on words, using "um yes, uh oh" to honor the over 6,000 shipwrecks that can be found in the Great Lakes
Design #3 | Um Yes, Hello Lakes: Nestles a fat face typeface next to the same Great Lakes map used previously, rounding off a cohesive set of apparel
This project started in Procreate and made its way to Adobe Fresco and Adobe Illustrator.
Design #1 | Great Lakes Map
Design #2 | Great Lakes Shipwreck
Design #3 | Um Yes, Hello Lakes

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